Kota Coaching’s 25,000 Science Students Together Saluted Indian National Flag, Golden Book of World Records Confirmed

Independence day celebration in Kota CoachingMore than 25,000 coaching students of Kota Coaching entered the Golden Book of World Records (GBOWR) for singing the national anthem as a group on the Independence Day.

The record was categorized as the ‘largest congregation of people studying science which sang the Indian national anthem on the Independence Day.’

The students also created a world record for being the ‘largest congregation of people with face paint stickers of the Tricolour celebrating Independence Day,’ said officials of the Allen Career Institute that organized the event. A team of GBOWR gave provisional certificates for the two records to the Coaching.

The students also made five more records for which certificates will be given after verification of the claims. The claimed records include congregation of over 25000 students in the shape of Red Cross, making a heart sign with hands, displaying placards on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ and ‘Green Kota Clean Kota’, and a selfie of and salute to the national flag through mobile phone torchlight.

71st Independence Day in Seven Wonders Town, Kota became memorable in the  celebration of Independence Day, the programs organized here have created history not only in the country but at the International level. Many such records were made on this day which was recorded in Kota’s name on the Golden Book of World Records. Students’ enthusiasm on the occasion of Love and Independence Day for the nation was likely to be seen for the first time since independence. Here, the ALLEN Career Institute, 25,000 Science students of Kota, saluted the tricolor singing the national anthem together. The 52-second country’s name through this program was attempted by the ALLEN Career Institute to connect students to the nation. For the first time on Kota’s land, this kind of Independence Day event was organized in which many records were created simultaneously.

The program took place at the Landmark campus located in Kunhadi area, where 25 thousand students of ALLEN Career Institute gathered for the Independence Day celebrations. The program started with a prayer here at 7.30 am in the morning. ALLEN Directors Sh. Govind Maheshwari, Sh. Rajesh Maheshwari, Sh. Navin Maheshwari and Sh. Brajesh Maheshwari jointly prayed with the students. After the prayer the Chief guests were welcomed. District collector Sh. Rohit Gupta, Senior Congress leader and former minister Sh. Shanti Dhariwal, Kota-Bundi Lok Sabha MP Sh. Om Birla, Kota North MLA Sh. Prahalad Gunjal, Kota South MLA Sh. Sandeep Sharma, City Development Trust Chairman Sh. RK Mehta, many public representatives and dignitaries were present at this grand occasion.

The flag hoisting was scheduled for 8.00 am. During this time, all the 25 thousand students, guests, civilians together saluted the tricolor. In a single color uniform of these 25 thousand students, the national anthem was registered in the Golden Book of Records with a tricolor sticker on face. After this all the students showed the Red Cross marks on the sky. The prospective doctors decided to serve the country through this medium. It was also recorded as a record. After this, The Slogan “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao“was displayed by the students in the tricolor. Not only this, for Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Green Kota-Clean Kota oath was also taken by the students, and the slogan was raised. After this activity, the sign of the heart was created by joining both hands by acknowledging the heartbeat for the country by all these students. After this, another scene was such which stunned everyone present at the occasion. The umbrellas were opened all together by the students. When these umbrellas were opened, it was like that greenery has spread everywhere. After this the students lit the flash light of mobile and saluted the National Flag and then took the selfie with the Tricolor Posters. During this time to celebrate the Independence Day Sweets were also distributed to the students.

The Golden Book of World Records Team who came to witness the event and the activities appreciated the event and congratulated ALLEN Career Institute for such a big event and achievements. After successful completion of the event, The Golden Book of World Records Team members presented Certificates of record to ALLEN Directors. The representatives said that two records have been recorded here; the remaining records will be issued soon. It is worth mentioning that “The record of studying most students in the same institution in the same city” is already named after the ALLEN Career Institute. This record has been recorded in the Limca Book in 2014.

Following Records were made in Kota on 71th Independence Day.

  1. More than 25 thousand Science Students sang the National Anthem together.
  2. More than 25000 students attended the Independence Day celebrations by wearing a tricolor sticker and tattoo on their faces.
  3. More than 25000 students simultaneously made heart sign with both hands.
  4. 25,000 Medical students showed Red Cross sign.
  5. Under the social concerns, more than 25000 students appeared with the slogan of “Beti Bachao-Beti Padao” and took the resolution.
  6. Under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the 25000 students took the pledge of Green Kota – Clean
  7. 25000 students simultaneously saluted the National Flag with the mobile flash lights and took selfie with the tricolor.

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